Saturday, March 2, 2013

Roast Turkey - Convection Oven

When the turkeys appear in the store around Thanksgiving, I pick up several extras for the freezer, so I can roast one intermittently through the winter.  It is difficult to find a turkey that has no added solutions (which I am sensitive to) any time except for the month of November (at least that is the case here in Montana).

I have a convection oven, and I love the way it roasts whole poultry!  Crisp golden skin and moist succulent meat! Amazing - so moist - you would never know it isn't all pumped up with some "enhancing" solution.

I roast my turkey at 350 degrees on the "Roast" setting of my oven.  It will cook much quicker than a traditional oven, so I always figure it will take about 2/3 as long as the label on the packaging indicates.

Do I marinate it in advance?  No.  Brine?  No.  Baste it?  No.  Stuff it?  No, I don't do anything except put it in a pan and put the pan in the oven and test the internal temperature after a couple of hours.

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