Thursday, April 18, 2013

Puerto Penasco - Mexican Fishing Village

 We just got back from a wonderful trip to Puerto Penasco, a fishing village on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.  It is just 60 miles south of the US border and just a fun 4 hour drive from Phoenix, Arizona.  Our visit was precipitated by the fact that my sister owns a home there, and we would be meeting her and staying at her place.

Puerto Penasco is a fabulous place to visit if you enjoy fresh fish and shrimp, as these are available fresh off the boat in the Old Port area.  Above - a picture of the shrimp boats anchored at Old Port.  April is not shrimp season, so most of the shrimp boats were here in port.

Below, a picture I snapped from the patio at the beach house.  Fishermen were out with nets early in the morning.  I watched them pull in a few shiny silvery fish and I also saw them throwing a few back!

 When we went down to the fish market, we were thrilled to see many different whole fish on ice.
This mackerel with it's smooth skin was a favorite pick!

Tomorrow, I'll tell more about preparing them for dinner!

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